Who knows what's going to happen...

February 7th 03:
Nanna calls me under NRK's (TV-channel) documentary about sexual abuse of children. She's very upset about Staff (lawyer), just like I was. "I decided to come out", she says. And she DOES it! 10th of February, her story is in the Frøya-newspaper. "I think it's so strong of you to make faenheller.no, that I want to do something too." Great!

January 25th 03:
Børge Pedersen wants to sing Incestvisa by Cornelis Vresvijk.

January 24th 03:
Lars Olufsen has agreed to take care of the technical aspects of the concert.
Prepple (of the DumDum Boys) suggested the name for the concert: Faen heller! (Damnit!) That came so spontaneously that I'm going for that name. Faen heller can mean so much. And it has a lot of power to it. If anything has been missing, it's been just that: strength. Strength to reveal the secret. And Faen heller! is probably something we should have said several years ago. Now it's been said: Faen heller! It can't continue like this. We can't let it happen...