A lot of people who have been sexually abused as children and adolescents feel different and alone. Different as children, different as adults.

In October 2003, I will arrange a DAY AGAINST INCEST, pointing the focus at incest. We have to break this last taboo. We have to talk about this - now.
Why not bring up the subject in a cultural event? The DAY AGAINST INCEST will consist of seminars and a concert. I want a show that will capture a wide range within music - but with a clear message.

The meaning of this day, is to put this subject on everyone's minds. If you feel you have something to contribute, enter the support page and leave a comment explaining how you want to help, or just leave some encouraging words...

Maybe someone want to support a part of the arrangement, or maybe a theatergroup wants to be a part of it? It would have been great if we could have a squideffect with arms going into the flock of friends, the schools, the health stations and the institutions for education. We hope to make the word incest be a bit easier to say.

Maybe someone wants to publish a book, maybe artists will engage themselves. No matter what happens, more people will talk about incest along the way. When that happens, the very point of this website and project has succeeded.
As time passes, more information will be added to these pages, so come back later!